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Wireless systems are so convenient. Wireless microphones keep the talent’s hands free and wireless receivers keep us from having to run a spider’s web of cables. In order for our shoots to run smoothly we need to bring along some extra items. I have compiled a list of wireless microphone accessories to take along to your remote shoot.

Lavalier and Handheld Windscreens & Covers

A strong gust of wind can ruin an awesome take. Wind problems have ruined many field interviews. So don’t forget your spare windscreens and covers. Make sure to have both for lavaliers and handheld microphones. Some noise problems can be fixed in post-production. Extremely severe noise problems can’t. The simple solution is to pack extra windscreens and covers.


Lav & Handheld Windscreens

Lavalier Clips & Mounts

Spare clips and mounts are good to bring. In case the originals get lost or broken you will have spares to use. If you are hiding the lavalier on an object you may need a second or third clip to make sure the mic is firmly secured.

mic clips

Lapel Mic Clips


When doing wireless shoots the antennas pick up the audio signal. So we want to have spares in case the originals stop working. Never hurts to have a backup.

wireless antenna

Shure Directional Antenna

Microphone Capsules

To keep our audio signal changing into an electrical current we want to have extra microphone capsules. Make sure you have the correct spares for the types of mics you are using.

mic capsules

Microphone Capsules

Receiver Camera Mounts

Extra receiver camera mounts are handy. You may realize you need to have a combination of wireless receivers mounted on your camera. Bringing extras will keep your shoot going if you realize you need more in the middle of your shoot.

receiver mount

Lectrosonics Wireless Receiver Camera Mount

Power Accessories

Seems like common sense but people tend to forget the most obvious things. Extra batteries and battery chargers are a must for remote shoots. Nothing is worse than going out on a shoot with a half charged battery, that you thought was fully charged, and having it die in the middle of a unique shot. Then you realize you have no spare and no charger.

battery charger

Battery Charger

Cables and Adapters

It’s a wireless system but we still need cables and adapters for the lavalier microphones to connect to their receiver. Maybe you realize the static sound you have is coming from a frayed mic cable. No problem. Just pull out another and you’re back in business. You’ll need a power cable and adapter for the battery charger.


Power Adapter

Be Prepared

These are the essential wireless microphone accessories you’ll need for remote or even studio shoots. Be Always well-prepared so you don’t end up wasting your time and the time of the talent if you are using one. Make a list and get a carrying case so your accessories will always be at hand!


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