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I decided to set up this website because I knew a little something about microphones. I have a degree in Mass Communications and I have worked in the television industry for over 20 years. As I have put microphone content onto my website, I have realized I knew very little about microphones. I have learned so much from the research I have done for my website posts. So, has everyone been paying attention? If not, don’t worry. This microphone quiz is open book. Yes, I am giving you all a little microphone quiz. All the answers can be found throughout my website in my previous posts. I hope I have educated you as I have educated myself on the world of microphones! Let the microphone quiz begin!various microphones

Microphone Quiz – Questions

1) What are the two basic types of microphones?

2) Which type of microphone is considered the more durable?

3) Before choosing a microphone, what should you consider?

4) Which microphones have large diaphragms?

5) Which microphones are better for live broadcasts?

6) Name three of the best cheap studio microphones.

7) What are the three components in a functional wireless microphones system?

8) Is it easy to find compatible transmitters and receivers from different manufacturers?various microphones

9) Why are lapel microphones so convenient?

10) Who uses lapel microphones?

11) Name three of the best lapel microphones.

12) Which one of the best lapel microphones comes in black and beige?

Microphone Quiz – Answers

Ummm … not yet. I’ll save those for a later post.

The Ultimate Goal

Well, you guessed it. My ultimate goal is to get you to go back and read all my posts again! Yeah, my mother always said I was a bit sneaky.

Actually the real goal is to educate you on microphones. Most of the material in my posts only scratch the surface on the topics I have presented. Some of the material I drew from was way technical and I hope to not just get professional visitors but the average guy to. So I hope my posts are easy to understand and help you in choosing a microphone.

Feel free to send me any questions or comments. I will post the answers next week and tell you how to get the special prize! But it’s only for those who get all the questions right. Sorry.

Did I mention it’s an open book test?various microphones


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