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Best Wireless Microphone Transmitters – Signals Gotta Go Somewhere

I have been giving information about microphones on my website since I started it. I need to remember that I call it “Mics and Stuff”. Hasn’t been much ‘stuff’ so far. Today I think

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Gator Case Molded Microphone Case Review – See What You’re Working With

When doing remote shoots or just transporting your gear, you need a way to pack everything and keep it intact. The first thing we are going to talk about is your microphones. Gator Cases has

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Wireless Microphone Accessories – Little Items so no Big Problems

Wireless systems are so convenient. Wireless microphones keep the talent’s hands free and wireless receivers keep us from having to run a spider’s web of cables. In order for our shoots to run smoothly

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Best Microphones For Recording Nature – Out In the Wild

Have you ever wondered why nature documentaries use a lot of music for audio tracks? That’s because it can a difficult to get good sound in nature. So, I give you a short list

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Microphone Quiz – Don’t Worry, It’s Open Book

I decided to set up this website because I knew a little something about microphones. I have a degree in Mass Communications and I have worked in the television industry for over 20 years.

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Fragile Microphones – Handle With Care

Going through my research on microphones, I started to wonder if there were any types of microphones that are fragile and break easily. Well, any microphone will break if it is repeatedly dropped. If

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Best Lapel Microphones – When You Really Want To Go Hands Free

  They are used mostly by television news anchors and talk show hosts and their guests. Theater performers have adopted the use of them. Public speakers use them to free themselves up to walk

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Wireless Microphones System – What You Should Know

Wireless microphones have become very popular in the last few years. Not just with musical performers but with business conferences, television news, church services, and other venues. The main reason is it eliminates the

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Best Cheap Studio Microphones – Good Quality for Less Money

Normally, when the word cheap is used people think bad quality. These days you can get well-made materials for a low price. You always want to shop around before making any major purchase. I

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About William

Hello everyone my name is William. I have a B.A. degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in broadcasting and have 20 years of experience in the television industry. I worked mainly in the

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