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Hello everyone my name is William. I have a B.A. degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in broadcasting and have 20 years of experience in the television industry. I worked mainly in the control room but I did do field work on occasion.

Having sharp video and crisp audio was always what we strove for.

By no means am I an expert but I do have some knowledge and I want to share it and possibly make a little money. We can all use extra money.

Bad Audio Story

While doing a group project in college, a group project in college we were beset by bad audio. To be honest it was no audio at all. Looking back on it, it makes me laugh how six people could not figure what was wrong with our audio.

Being someone who likes to write down each step I had written down how all the cable were supposed to be connected. But we had no sound. So I went against what I had written down and started plugging things in differently. Still, no sound.

An entire day was lost because nothing we shot had sound. When we got back to the studio our teacher asked us if we brought spare cables. Of course we didn’t. Something that would have been easy to correct we never thought of.

The studio wasn’t that far so someone could have driven back and gotten more cables. We did get the project done and in on time. The group actually got an ‘A’! That’s why I can laugh at it now.

Comments Always Welcome

I hope you will all my site helpful in finding the audio products you are looking for. Feel free to send comments or suggestions. I want everyone to have a good experience and be able to get the materials they need for whatever projects you are doing.

If you are doing a remote shoot always have backup mics and cables. Bring spare batteries too. For the microphones and for the camera.

I was never a scout but being prepared is always a good motto!



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